bitch, please...

I'm a random ass bitch. Common trends you may notice:
1) I'll obsess about one show and post a ton of shit about that. Usually it is because I've been watching it on netflix.
2) I'll get super mushy and bitch about a guy not liking me a lot...I'm sorry
3) I will often post lyrics or songs I love! Many times I will write about how the lyrics relate to me or a current situation.
4) Occasionally I'll be witty or funny but probably less often then the above mentioned items
This tumblr serves as my diary, scrap book and bitch book. I am 27 years old living in the south. I'm a social worker who graduated with my MSW a year ago. I have been single for about 3 years and I really don't like it. I've been hurt more times than I would like to admit. Most recently I was hurt by a guy I thought of as my best friend. The most tragic/pathetic thing about this is that I don't think he realizes he hurt me. Overall I would like to think I am a pretty likeable person. To know me is to love me and if you read my blog you will probably get to know me better than most. Please follow and comment on my posts because I welcome feedback and enjoy learning new things. Thank you for checking me out! I follow back! :) XOXOXO

Single life

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